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  • Tamara Harley (Wednesday, September 15 21 07:24 am EDT)

    BJC it was an honor to be escorted by your crew to lay my uncle BJay to rest this past weekend. I felt as though I was able to ride along on his final ride with his BJC Family. It was beautiful & BADASS!

  • Piper Auto Glass Specialists (Monday, April 18 16 07:39 pm EDT)

    Love your webpage and keep up the good work cruising! Much love, stay safe and have a good one!

  • Donnie aka Duckason (Tuesday, April 05 16 12:49 pm EDT)

    Thank you Black Jackets Cruizers for all the many blessings that you ride for!

  • CNS (Tuesday, June 09 15 07:37 pm EDT)

    Nice site

  • Shanterra aka Babygyrl (Thursday, April 09 15 09:12 pm EDT)

    Thank you for your continuous support of No Way Out MC

  • Bangalore (Tuesday, March 31 15 02:10 am EDT)

    Nice jacket from you .

  • Flowers (Tuesday, March 24 15 06:56 am EDT)

    Great work by you team keep it up .

  • Necaise (Thursday, January 29 15 06:22 pm EST)

    see you @ Event

  • B-Nazty DND WV (Friday, January 16 15 07:19 am EST)

    Will be at the Elks in Feb.
    \"Turn It Up\"

  • The Prez (Wednesday, January 15 14 01:32 pm EST)

    Hey hey peoples thank you for checking out our website check out our calendar and see what's going down with the Black Jacket Cruizers

  • Toy (Sunday, April 21 13 10:44 am EDT)

    Toy was here, but now she's gone. She left this rhyme to linger on. Peace!

  • Tammy (Sunday, March 10 13 11:29 pm EDT)

    Blessings and safe riding to you and your family from Kickstands Up Riders (, MD, WV, VA, DC)
    I posted your "Bike Blessing Event" on our website. We plan to be there. We hope you may consider our 3/23/2013 Safer riders in 2013 Event.
    Tammy aka QTee - Founder

  • Nanii (Thursday, February 28 13 06:01 pm EST)

    MFC in da House ;-)

  • Cynthia Kamani Heywood (Wednesday, February 13 13 11:58 am EST)

    Your website looks good. I totally enjoyed BJC fish fry at Battley Cycles. Shout out to my friend Miriam "Toy" Bowden. Looking forward to your next event. Greeting from Montgomery County Harley Group

  • Jack (Wednesday, February 06 13 05:33 am EST)

  • Jack (Wednesday, February 06 13 05:32 am EST)

    Meet new riders from all over the world !

  • Albert (Wednesday, December 12 12 11:06 pm EST)

    Stopping through to show some love..
    United Road Warriors
    VP Germantown Chapter

  • United Road Warriors, MC (Monday, December 10 12 09:27 pm EST)

    Keep doing what you doing! Good Look for all Riders! Much Love & Respect!

  • Baby Sis (Monday, December 10 12 09:23 pm EST)

    Loving your site! And looking forward to your next event!

  • sanjay (Friday, November 23 12 04:18 am EST)

    Yours is a very useful site . We at want to get affiliated to you.

  • Bummrush (Vice Prez. of Heads of State) (Monday, October 22 12 09:42 pm EDT)

    I had a nice time at the fish fry. Nice talkin to you guys, Bone Crusher,
    B-jay thanks.C-ya at future events.

  • bruce (Monday, October 15 12 11:30 am EDT)

    looks like a great club. would be interested in joining. looking for a close nit brotherhood of bikers since my best friend was killed on his bike

  • Carlton Hall (Tuesday, October 09 12 04:18 pm EDT)

    What's up BJC! It's C-Diggity Dogg for the MIDDLE FINGER CREW! You know, that Cigar smokin, Bullsh*t taking, fun loving, Bike Riding Dude with the Skeletons and Metal face mask. LOL, Peace and

  • Darryl (Monday, October 01 12 01:26 pm EDT)

    Like the bikes. Looking to get one soon.

  • panama (Wednesday, September 19 12 05:36 am EDT)

    i dont have one

  • Onley Pearce (Wednesday, August 29 12 06:42 pm EDT)

    Hello, I am the wife of Lawrence Pearce and I am proud to be apart of the BJC family.

  • Big Nasty (Prez. of Heads of State) (Tuesday, August 14 12 06:36 pm EDT)

    We have seen your M.C. around the area and attempted to come to events with no luck... hopefully you update website soon and have a few more events..

  • Mathew A. Good (Sunday, August 05 12 10:55 am EDT)

    Nice site yall. Just showin love.

  • Victor (Sunday, August 05 12 09:46 am EDT)

    It is a very good webpage.We at want to get affiliated to you.

  • Unchained Ryderz MC (Saturday, June 30 12 10:30 am EDT)

    Just stopping by to checkout your website!!! Looking good FAM...Much Love & Respect!!

  • John F. Johnson (Tuesday, June 26 12 09:12 pm EDT)

    Always a Friend and now a guest. Ride Hard see you in Daytona

  • David (Sunday, June 17 12 11:30 am EDT)

    NIce Website

  • Necaise (Monday, May 21 12 01:48 pm EDT)

    What Up J.R. I was telling someone this morning how you came in the Game and Made it a Black Jacket. Proud of you man. Necaise...CC1200X@GMAIL.COM

  • Dawn aka Sweetnezz (Wednesday, May 16 12 10:08 am EDT)

    Lovin the website!!! This is awesome. We definitely need to link up so I can get the No Limit Frederick page established.

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