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  • Jimmie Jennings III (Sunday, March 04 18 09:06 pm EST)

    Nice website and information about your club. Was not able to see your bylaws because download links does not appear to work. Love to know more about you since you are also active in giving back to the community as well as ride as a "family".

  • Kyle Oleynik (Saturday, January 27 18 11:33 am EST)

    When I listened to the music and reviewed the galleries☺ it seemed to produce an era of funk and old skool funk.

  • Andy "Sheriff" Taylor (Sunday, December 10 17 08:44 am EST)

    Hey was great to hang out with you guys yesterday and join in with you all on the toy run. Was truly a blessing...THANK YOU...God Bless, Sheriff Andy Taylor, President, CMA Redeemed Riders Mont. Co.

  • ROBBINETTE TERRY DORSEY (Thursday, July 06 17 08:20 pm EDT)

    Thanks for your support on the 4th of July 2017! You guys are awesome.

  • Piper Auto Glass Specialists (Monday, April 18 16 07:39 pm EDT)

    Love your webpage and keep up the good work cruising! Much love, stay safe and have a good one!

  • Donnie aka Duckason (Tuesday, April 05 16 12:49 pm EDT)

    Thank you Black Jackets Cruizers for all the many blessings that you ride for!

  • CNS (Tuesday, June 09 15 07:37 pm EDT)

    Nice site

  • Shanterra aka Babygyrl (Thursday, April 09 15 09:12 pm EDT)

    Thank you for your continuous support of No Way Out MC

  • Bangalore (Tuesday, March 31 15 02:10 am EDT)

    Nice jacket from you .

  • Flowers (Tuesday, March 24 15 06:56 am EDT)

    Great work by you team keep it up .

  • Necaise (Thursday, January 29 15 06:22 pm EST)

    see you @ Event

  • B-Nazty DND WV (Friday, January 16 15 07:19 am EST)

    Will be at the Elks in Feb.
    \"Turn It Up\"

  • The Prez (Wednesday, January 15 14 01:32 pm EST)

    Hey hey peoples thank you for checking out our website check out our calendar and see what's going down with the Black Jacket Cruizers

  • Toy (Sunday, April 21 13 10:44 am EDT)

    Toy was here, but now she's gone. She left this rhyme to linger on. Peace!

  • Tammy (Sunday, March 10 13 11:29 pm EDT)

    Blessings and safe riding to you and your family from Kickstands Up Riders (, MD, WV, VA, DC)
    I posted your "Bike Blessing Event" on our website. We plan to be there. We hope you may consider our 3/23/2013 Safer riders in 2013 Event.
    Tammy aka QTee - Founder

  • Nanii (Thursday, February 28 13 06:01 pm EST)

    MFC in da House ;-)

  • Cynthia Kamani Heywood (Wednesday, February 13 13 11:58 am EST)

    Your website looks good. I totally enjoyed BJC fish fry at Battley Cycles. Shout out to my friend Miriam "Toy" Bowden. Looking forward to your next event. Greeting from Montgomery County Harley Group

  • Jack (Wednesday, February 06 13 05:33 am EST)

  • Jack (Wednesday, February 06 13 05:32 am EST)

    Meet new riders from all over the world !

  • Albert (Wednesday, December 12 12 11:06 pm EST)

    Stopping through to show some love..
    United Road Warriors
    VP Germantown Chapter

  • United Road Warriors, MC (Monday, December 10 12 09:27 pm EST)

    Keep doing what you doing! Good Look for all Riders! Much Love & Respect!

  • Baby Sis (Monday, December 10 12 09:23 pm EST)

    Loving your site! And looking forward to your next event!

  • sanjay (Friday, November 23 12 04:18 am EST)

    Yours is a very useful site . We at want to get affiliated to you.

  • Bummrush (Vice Prez. of Heads of State) (Monday, October 22 12 09:42 pm EDT)

    I had a nice time at the fish fry. Nice talkin to you guys, Bone Crusher,
    B-jay thanks.C-ya at future events.

  • bruce (Monday, October 15 12 11:30 am EDT)

    looks like a great club. would be interested in joining. looking for a close nit brotherhood of bikers since my best friend was killed on his bike

  • Carlton Hall (Tuesday, October 09 12 04:18 pm EDT)

    What's up BJC! It's C-Diggity Dogg for the MIDDLE FINGER CREW! You know, that Cigar smokin, Bullsh*t taking, fun loving, Bike Riding Dude with the Skeletons and Metal face mask. LOL, Peace and

  • Darryl (Monday, October 01 12 01:26 pm EDT)

    Like the bikes. Looking to get one soon.

  • panama (Wednesday, September 19 12 05:36 am EDT)

    i dont have one

  • Onley Pearce (Wednesday, August 29 12 06:42 pm EDT)

    Hello, I am the wife of Lawrence Pearce and I am proud to be apart of the BJC family.

  • Big Nasty (Prez. of Heads of State) (Tuesday, August 14 12 06:36 pm EDT)

    We have seen your M.C. around the area and attempted to come to events with no luck... hopefully you update website soon and have a few more events..

  • Mathew A. Good (Sunday, August 05 12 10:55 am EDT)

    Nice site yall. Just showin love.

  • Victor (Sunday, August 05 12 09:46 am EDT)

    It is a very good webpage.We at want to get affiliated to you.

  • Unchained Ryderz MC (Saturday, June 30 12 10:30 am EDT)

    Just stopping by to checkout your website!!! Looking good FAM...Much Love & Respect!!

  • John F. Johnson (Tuesday, June 26 12 09:12 pm EDT)

    Always a Friend and now a guest. Ride Hard see you in Daytona

  • David (Sunday, June 17 12 11:30 am EDT)

    NIce Website

  • Necaise (Monday, May 21 12 01:48 pm EDT)

    What Up J.R. I was telling someone this morning how you came in the Game and Made it a Black Jacket. Proud of you man. Necaise...CC1200X@GMAIL.COM

  • Dawn aka Sweetnezz (Wednesday, May 16 12 10:08 am EDT)

    Lovin the website!!! This is awesome. We definitely need to link up so I can get the No Limit Frederick page established.

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